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Saturday, October 8, 2011

What Would You Say?

What would you say to a love one who has past on? I think about this often to try to cope with the passing of my mother. She past Aug. 31,2011, which was one of the most saddest days of my life. I am able to except it a little more because she was in so much pain. I know that she went to heaven, and knowing that she is in the care of the LORD, is very comforting as I continue to cope.

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What I would like to know is," What would you do if you could have one day to say something to a love one who has went on?"

Who would you pick if you had a choice? What would you say? How would you feel?

The toughest thing about it is knowing you just have one day. You would want to have more time but, I feel that just having that one day will help you somewhat get over the pain of losing someone. I sat down one day and said to myself," What would I say to my mother if she came back for a day?" With tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat, I began to say out loud," Mama! I miss you and I love you so much. Dad is alright and we are doing fine. We just miss you mama, and we love you so much." I miss her presence, but actually I know she heard every word I said. When someone dies, their spirit is still with you. Sometimes you may hear a noise unexpectedly, or a thought may come to your mind, something that they may have said while they were alive. This is just a confirmation of their spirit in your presence. Nothing to be afraid of, but this is how they are communicating with us from the other side. Just like when I step out on the porch and talk to my mother's spirit, the wind blows slightly. When I ask her a question the wind blows a little harder when she answers. This makes me feel comforted that she does have some of her still around.

Take some time to sit and talk with your love one!

When you find yourself missing your love one, try to do these things to feel comforted while you go through this depressing time:

Go into a quiet room and talk to your love one. Talk to them as if they are really there right next to you. If you talk long enough, in your head you will began to hear them ask you questions, and you will began to provide them with information about whats going on in your life. They are there for you in more ways than one. But you have to acknowlege that they are there.

Look at photos that remind you of good times while you talk to that love one. This way you could possibly feel their presence more because your able to have a visual of them being happy. It will also help you with happy thoughts, you know, help you with positive conversation with your love ones spirit. 

Always remind yourself of good times while you are alone. This will help you continue to be strong during these times. Not in this life, but one day you will be in the presence of your love one again. Then when you are, you can pick up from where you left off with your last conversation with their spirit.

What would you say to a love one? Please comment by telling that special love one or all of your love ones, what you would like to tell them if you had one more day with them. Tell them how much they mean to you, how much you love them. Let them know that you are okay, and most of all, do your best to acknowlege their presence.

No matter how long we are on this earth, for all of those who have gone on to the next life," We will see you again."

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